Changing Behaviours and Decision Making to prevent Major Accident Hazards involving Dangerous Substances 

Process safety events (PSEs) can devastate organisations. At DEKRA we are determined to raise awareness of major accident hazards and help organisations understand through education and coaching how their decision making, behaviours, and interactions with systems and processes can collectively support catastrophic event prevention.

In many of the diagnostics undertaken at Major Accident Hazard sites, we have identified missing or ineffective barriers designed to guard against major incidents. This suggests high potential of a major incident as the organisation doesn’t have the ability to prevent, detect, control, mitigate, rescue, or recover from something potentially catastrophic.

This ebook discusses an approach to developing the kind of resilience and cultural support needed to operationalise a Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) plan that controls the risk of major accident hazards in a high hazard industry setting.

In our complimentary ebook we cover:

  • Why major accident hazards prevention at high hazard sites is essential
  • What the characteristics are of a resilient organisation
  • Why creating a Culture of Care will strengthen your organisation’s resilience