Develop Supervisors and Managers into Safety Leaders – Equipping Frontline Leaders for Safety Excellence at the Site Level

Safety leadership principles and practices are not just for executives: they are also critical for the frontline supervisors and managers who execute the organisation’s objectives every day. Mid‑level leaders provide the first line of defence in managing safety issues, communicating organisational priorities and values, and building relationships with individual team members. Yet this group more than any other is often left out of safety improvement efforts. What’s needed is a leadership development process that equips frontline managers and supervisors to execute your organisation’s highest safety goals.

Our comprehensive SafeAlign™ leadership training programme package starts with an introductory workshop, followed by an assessment and continues through implementation and follow-up to ensure full integration of new skills. It includes individual safety workshops, subsequent training through further workshops and coaching to put your organisation on the path to outstanding, sustainable safety performance.

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Target Audience

Supervisors and managers

Key Learning / Outcomes

The key objectives of our safety leadership development programme include:

  • Translating safety vision into safety action at the working interface 
  • Aligning your supervisory and managerial workforce around safety goals
  • Developing critical safety leadership skills throughout the organisation
  • Advancing goals for reduced exposures and sustainable safety performance

The benefits:

  • Creating alignment around your safety objectives
  • Building effective individual and team action plans
  • Strengthening critical safety activities
  • Learning in the classroom – and in the field


This programme incorporates workshops and individual coaching.

Leadership Development Programme Structure

Implementation Planning

Key stakeholders partner with an expert consultant to define the organisation’s mission for SafeAlign™, charter an advisory team, and establish success criteria.

Foundations Workshop

The Foundations Workshop aligns stakeholders with your organisation’s mission and priorities, establishes key safety and systems concepts, and lays out the blueprint for successful implementation.

Diagnostic Assessment

Done at the start of every project, the organisational assessment establishes a working picture of the current cultural characteristics and issues, safety systems, supervisory participation, accountability systems, and key exposures that inform the development of an effective improvement plan.

Advisory Team Workshop

This forum facilitates the identification of critical safety management behaviours that need to be incorporated – systemically – into first line supervisors’ activities. Further, the team develops the observation strategy for critical behaviours and the framework of implementation/system dashboard reporting.

Consultative Analysis and Insight

Your consultant provides an expert review of aggregate assessment report data to identify the developmental opportunities that deliver the strongest safety improvement outcomes.

Skills Development Workshops

More than skills development, implementation builds fluency in a set of supervisory safety activities that each define critical opportunities to shape the safety culture: safety contacts, job safety briefs, physical hazard identification, lifesaving procedure application and verification, as well as incident response and root cause analysis.

Leadership Coaching

Sessions provide field-based, actionable guidance and feedback techniques that supervisors and managers can put to immediate use.

Formal Process Review

Your consultant partners with your SafeAlign™ team to deliver a thorough and objective process review that identifies further improvement opportunities and positions your process for sustained success in developing safety performance.


Our Approach

Our long history in safety performance has reliably shown that effectively engaging the supervisory and managerial levels brings positive and dramatic results to organisational safety outcomes. SafeAlign™ is a bridge linking senior leadership’s vision of safety with all organisational levels to create a collaborative environment attuned to a shared idea of organisational safety performance. The programme ensures understanding of core safety and system concepts and uncovers areas that are hindering improvement. Importantly, SafeAlign™ provides a repeatable framework for lasting safety improvement that embeds critical skills and practices throughout your supervisory and managerial ranks.

DEKRA Organisational Reliability is a behavioural change consultancy. Working in collaboration with our clients, our approach is to influence the safety culture with the aim of 'making a difference for the better'. We deliver the skills, methods, and motivation to change leadership attitudes, behaviours and decision making among employees. Measurable, sustainable improvement of safety outcomes is our goal.

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