Bridging the gap between intent and action

Bridging the Gap Between Intent and Action
in Organisational Practices

Performance is an indicator of success in most undertakings, whether it is business, sport or even a leisure pursuit, the more impressive the performance, generally the more impressive the reward, practically as well as emotionally. In this context performance is “the action or process of performing a task or function”. Within our workplaces most of the energy expended is in either planning or carrying out these tasks, which vary as to type, complexity and context in a variety of situations. Indeed, an organisation’s culture can be defined by how tasks are done, often summarised as “how we do things around here”. This phrase generally refers to the management systems, processes and procedures that make up an organisation’s “practices”. When applied with a high level of operational discipline, these practices can have a significant influence on the levels of predictability and reliability an organisation can expect in its business. This is ultimately what differentiates an organisation from its peers and makes it unique.