Optimus Seventh Generation has reported significant growth throughout 2015, having seen the number of clients using Induction Plus™ double this year on last. The Aberdeen-based behavioural change consultancy has welcomed more than 4,000 Induction Plus™ delegates through its doors since the course was launched in March 2014.

In addition to this the company has seen an overall 15% increase in uptake of its range of safety workshops and a 20% rise in project wins across a number of new regions, completing high profile contracts in the UK, Europe and Asia.

Derek Smith, chief executive at Optimus Seventh Generation said: 'With the challenges faced in the energy sector this year it is increasingly important that expenditure on training is focused in the most vital areas of decision making and behaviours.'

'Our Induction Plus™ offering is an informative and motivational bespoke induction, aimed at projects experiencing a large influx of new, often subcontracted, labour during shutdowns and construction projects. This has been a key focus for many major operators during 2015 and, via the workshop, we have ensured safety is at the forefront of everyone's mind, mitigating risks and educating delegates on the hazards specific to their asset or project.'

Optimus Seventh Generation also reinforced its commitment to safety by securing a new agreement with Apache North Sea to deliver a series of newly developed Understanding Major Accident Hazard workshops, designed to improve the management of major accident hazards through more informed decision making and improved behaviours.

Aligned with the current Industry and the Health and Safety Executive focusing on Major Accident Hazard Prevention, the workshop is based around the psychological model Aspects of Resilience, which states that a person must be positive, focused, flexible, organised and proactive to overcome change.

Stuart Taylor, Maintenance & Operations Support Manager at Apache, said: 'Safe operations is always our priority. Within our organisation we identified the need to improve our understanding of the management of major accident hazards and have worked closely with Optimus to design a workshop which meets our training and business needs. The workshop has proven to be a success and we are already seeing the benefits across our assets.'

2015 saw the company join global consulting, testing and advisory firm DEKRA Insight, enhancing Optimus Seventh Generation's diverse portfolio of international customers focusing on high hazard industries.

By supporting clients to create a Culture of Care even as assets head into late life, Optimus Seventh Generation has diversified into the decommissioning market with plans for growth in a number of new sectors such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals in 2016.

'Throughout 2015 our new parent DEKRA Insight has brought more business opportunities, and strengthened our services to give us the ability to work across a broader range of safety needs in a broader range of high hazard industries.

'Expanding into new sectors is vital in the current climate. Our current solutions and capabilities are the perfect fit to help clients achieve significant changes in behaviour and decision making and to deliver operational excellence' concluded Mr Smith.

Since its formation in 2003, Optimus Seventh Generation has built a diverse portfolio of global customers, focusing on high hazard industries both within the UK and internationally, with offices in Aberdeen, and Perth Australia.