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As industries increasingly turn to a behaviour-based approach to safety, they look to a variety of tools and programmes to reach their goals. A critical component of any behaviour-based safety process is data tracking and analysis, which allows companies to evaluate their progress efficiently and objectively.

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Rincon® software is designed specifically for BAPP® technology users, allowing them to capture observation data, provide analysis and reporting, and enable data-driven action planning. Based on input from users around the world, Rincon features easy data entry, sophisticated analytic tools, robust reporting features, and built-in components geared to the broader depth and scope that BAPP® initiatives can address. Rincon® takes advantage of current technology platforms for increased performance, exporting, and networking capabilities.
Highlights include: flexible installation and compatibility, revised user interface and enhanced navigation, data entry customisation, configuration options, enhanced security and advanced reporting and tracking.


 DEKRA OR Visual Safety Management software

Innovative health and safety management tool: Rincon®

Our Approach

We value science and evidence-based solutions for promoting lasting behavioural changes and base our services on a combination of technical expertise and a strong reliance on behavioural science. The result is a more efficient safety management system that translates into more time for your other responsibilities. You have people and assets to protect and we have the experts and know-how to make sure they stay safe.

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