Marginal Gains Promise Improved Safety Performance

This one day workshop has been designed to introduce the concept of marginal gains and how it can improve safety performance. Through group discussion paired with individual and group activities, participants learn to identify small but achievable improvements and changes in behaviour that can strengthen their organisation. In addition, the workshop focuses on developing a marginal gains mindset to sustain organisational change and to anticipate and overcome potential barriers that may arise. The session concludes with each participant making a personal commitment to enhance performance with a marginal gains approach.

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Target Audience

The workshop is aimed at both the general workforce and anybody with leadership responsibilities from team leaders and supervisors to top executives.

Key Learning / Outcomes

By the end of the session you will have an understanding of:

- What improvements can be made to enhance performance
- How to bridge the gap between ‘safe’ and ‘safe enough’
- The significance of marginal gains
- Areas where marginal gains can be achieved a plan for achieving them
- What our “chimp” is and how to manage it
- The importance of making a personal commitment to improve safety performance


1 day

Workshop Structure

Welcome and Introduction  General introduction from instructor followed by scene-setting from the senior member of the leadership team.
Ice-Breaker  Delegates introduce themselves and take part in a short activity to break the ice.
Introduction to Marginal Gains  The background to Team Sky’s successes under the leadership of David Brailsford, through an introduction to the concept of the aggregation of marginal gains.
Doping Scandal  The significance of the doping scandal in the cycling world in particular and its relevance to cheating in your industry.
Examples of Marginal Gains  This section provides examples of marginal gains implemented before the Tour de France success, as well as other marginal gain examples applied in other industries.
Identification of Marginal Gains  Identification of marginal gains in your industry.
Marginal Gains Mind-Set  How to achieve a marginal gains mindset, focusing on the desirable skills and attributes for success in implementing marginal gains.
Implementing Marginal Gains  An insight into the impact your decisions and habits have on your performance, and how best to utilise these behaviours to successfully implement marginal gains in your organisation.
Managing Your Chimp  How to combat the potential barrier of letting your “chimp” rule as a means of overcoming potential declines in marginal gains.
Gridlocks  Team exercise to emphasise the significance that marginal gains can make in overall performance.
Personal Commitment  Opportunity for the leaders to commit to their own personal marginal gains to improve the overall performance of the organisation.

Our Approach

Innovation and motivation define our approach. Feedback from clients who have taken part in the workshop point to its engaging format featuring examples taken from professional cycling and Formula One racing as well as concrete applications to industry. Instructors encourage innovative thinking and the creation of a “one team” perspective where the individual considers how personal decisions and behaviours can benefit the organisation as a whole. The activities and discussions foster interaction and accountability at all levels for optimal safety performance.

DEKRA Organisational Reliability is a behavioural change consultancy. Working in collaboration with our clients, our approach is to influence safety culture with the aim of 'making a difference for the better'. We deliver the skills, methods, and motivation to change leadership attitudes, behaviours and decision making among employees. Measurable, sustainable improvement of safety outcomes is our goal.

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