behavioural and cultural change

Creating sustainable improvements in safety culture

The advantages of a healthy safety culture extend to every aspect of an organisation’s performance. Prioritising the wellbeing of your employees through investment in cultural and behavioural change sends an empowering message. The individuals work more consciously and efficiently as a result, boosting productivity, financial success and market share, while customers reap the benefits of better products and services. Naturally, with a sustainable, integrated focus on safety, serious injury and fatality rates plummet. As part of our BAPP® (Behavioural Accident Prevention Process) implementation service, we have developed a behaviour-based safety methodology that can deliver these outcomes reliably and consistently. We recognise that safety requires the cooperation of every employee to be sustainable and successful. By transforming the behaviours and decision making of each individual in your organisation, our methods lead to an integrated, robust safety culture for measurable improvements.

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BAPP® implementation with behaviour-based safety methodology

To access our behaviour-based safety training, initiate full BAPP® implementation and achieve safety behaviour change to transform your organisation’s safety performance. Going beyond the workshop or training model, we propose complete integration of safety behaviours at every level of your company. Our comprehensive package includes:

  • Education and workshops
  • Observation techniques
  • Proper reporting and documentation methods
  • Strategies for continuous improvement
  • “Health checks” that keep your organisation on track

Sustainable safety in dynamic, industrial contexts requires a holistic rather than a piecemeal approach. That is why our methodology is available only as part of full BAPP® implementation.

DEKRA Organisational Reliability Behaviour Based Safety Visual
Improved safety culture through behaviour-based safety methodology

Our Approach

No other service provider offers our depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in safety culture change and behaviour-based safety training. With an endorsement from Cambridge University, our approach to creating lasting improvements leads the way in industries around the world.

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