A Motivational Workshop for Increased Behaviour-Based Safety Skills

The SafeMindSafeBody® training is aimed at all employees within your organisation, to raise awareness of our human fallibilities, and how this impacts our safety. SafeMindSafeBody© trainings motivate your teams to change their behaviours and decision making by asking questions: why we feel it is difficult to help a colleague and intervene; why we think bad things will never happen to us; and why some of our most experienced people get hurt. It discusses how our memory limitations, experiences and habits influence our situational awareness and decision making. The workshop also looks at how and why risk perception varies among people and will introduce the concept of chronic unease’. Finally, the workshop explores why interventions can be seen as an act of caring and will explore a successful conversation giving the delegates the skills and confidence to intervene when they see something unsafe taking place.

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Target Audience

All employees at all levels of an organisation, site-based and functional personnel

Key Learning / Outcomes

The key learning objectives of the programme include:

Situational awareness

  • An understanding of memory limitations and situational awareness, and the effect this has when working in a dynamic environment.
  • Building awareness of how habits are created and how they can make us unsafe.

Risk perception

  • An understanding of risk perception and how this can impact our decision making and behaviours.
  • An introduction to the concept of chronic unease and what it looks like when encountered.


  • An understanding of why and how we can keep each other safe through the act of intervening.


1 day

Workshop Structure

Welcome and Introduction  General introduction from trainer setting the scene for the learning.
Aims/Objectives  An understanding of memory limitations, building awareness of how habits are created, understanding of risk perception, introduction to concept of chronic unease and understanding why and how we can keep each other safe through interventions.
Ice-Breaker Delegates introduce themselves and take part in a short activity to break the ice.
Culture Maturity Ladder® Culture Maturity Ladder®: Why we are here.
Memory  7 +/ -2 (George Miller)
Situational Awareness  The model of situational awareness (SA) and the influences on it including memory capacity.
Learning and Habits How we learn and create habits linking this back to the SA model as an influencer.
Conscious Decisions Why we make the decisions we do and what influences this, linking this back to the SA model with decision making being an output of SA.
Risk Perception The variation in risk perception among people.
ABC Model The triggers that motivate our behaviours.
Chronic Unease  What is chronic unease? Being competent and knowing the barriers to prevent unsafe acts e.g. people and procedures and showing care through intervention.
Interventions - Why  Kitty Genovese and the Darley and Latane study.
Interventions - How Have you ever been involved in an intervention? Describe the experience. What stops you intervening? Video of what a bad intervention looks like and what a good one looks like. This is about promoting an intervention culture.
Changing Beliefs What can you change that will make the difference? What would stop you making that change?
Video of Nathan Charles - limiting beliefs – if we believe we can’t change…
A discussion about what can be achieved and a commitment to change.

Our Approach

This workshop is delivered by experienced trainers and is highly interactive, with the expectation that all delegates will fully participate and generate increased skills in behaviour-based safety.

DEKRA Organisational Reliability is a behavioural change consultancy. Working in collaboration with our clients, our approach is to influence the safety culture with the aim of 'making a difference for the better'. We deliver the skills, methods, and motivation to change leadership attitudes, behaviours and decision making among employees. Measurable, sustainable improvement of safety outcomes is our goal.

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