An Advanced Workforce Training That Brings Coaching Skills to Your Organisation

Your workforce should feel empowered to communicate freely and effectively on questions of safety or any safety topics. Our safety training programme equips your team with the skills they need to initiate strong coaching relationships and engage in productive dialogue about concerns, efforts and improvements, which may be required within the organisation. This training aims to develop your coaching skills to enhance safety performance. Favouring a highly interactive approach, our workshop focuses on how to hone communication skills to bring out the best in people, especially around questions of safety. The workshop uses a combination of group discussion, individual and group activities. It is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

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Target Audience

Those interested in developing coaching skills.

Key Learning / Outcomes

By the end of our high performance coaching you will have an understanding of:

Coaching and influencing change

  • An understanding of the skills involved in preparing and conducting effective coaching conversations.
  • Awareness of individual capability.

Communication and feedback

Strategic thinking and appreciating diversity

  • An understanding of the skills that help transfer learning.


2 days

Coaching Skills Training Structure

Welcome and Introduction  General introduction from trainer followed by a senior member of the leadership team setting the scene for the learning over the next two days.
Aims/Objectives  These are as detailed in the learning outcomes.
Ice-Breaker Delegates introduce themselves and take part in a short activity to break the ice.
Coaching with Purpose Comparing counselling, training, feedback, mentoring and coaching.
The 70/20/10 principle of memory retention.
How coaching builds capability.
Skill Versus Will Model  Audit of your team’s skills versus will.
Developing strategies to support your team’s improvement.
The Process of Coaching - the GROW Model  Detailed discussion of each element of the model. Johari’s window.
Identifying Opportunities for Coaching Exploring coaching “moments” – type of coaching and setting.
Skills for Effective Coaching Discussion of CLEAR acronym.
Challenging effectively.
Active Listening.
Effective questioning.
Feedback and staying on track.
Having the Right Coaching Relationship Explore the concept of “emotional bank accounts”.
Coaching pitfalls.
Understanding individual difference.

Our Approach

By imparting and embedding effective coaching skills in your organisation, we can change the safety behaviours and decision making of your team and deliver a measured increase in care for your people, plant and processes. We do this by offering human-centred solutions such as “safety champions”, skilled at coaching and supporting the members of their team. We know that humans are at the heart of change, not processes and procedures. The key to our approach is understanding and managing human behaviour in a way that accommodates its inherent unpredictability and error.

DEKRA Organisational Reliability is a behavioural change consultancy. Working in collaboration with our clients, our approach is to influence the safety culture with the aim of 'making a difference for the better'. We deliver the skills, methods, and motivation to change leadership attitudes, behaviours and decision making among employees. Measurable, sustainable improvement of safety outcomes is our goal.

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