Improve workforce engagement with our workforce development programmes!

Because we know that humans are at the heart of change in safety culture, it is our approach to offer human-centred solutions in our workforce safety trainings. Every individual contributes to creating a safer workplace, so influencing the safety behaviours and decision making of your team is our goal.

Safe Mind Safe Body®

safe mind safe body

This motivational workshop is aimed at all employees within your organisation for increased behaviour-based safety skills and to raise awareness of our human fallibilities.

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Induction Plus™

induction plus

This pre-mobilisation workforce safety training is designed to prepare employees at the start of induction required projects.

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Coaching for High Performance™

coaching for high performance

Our advanced workforce training brings coaching skills to your organisation and empowers employees to communicate freely and effectively on questions of safety or any safety topics.

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Understanding Major Accident Hazards

understanding major accident hazards

This training for hazard identification raises awareness and increases understanding of risk perception and the barriers that should be in place to prevent major accident hazards.

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